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Discover Exceptional Value with Group1’s JAC Demo Vehicles

Seeking a premium driving experience without exceeding your budget? Group1 proudly presents our selection of JAC demo vehicles. These lightly used bakkies offer an intelligent approach to acquiring a well-made truck that is ready to take you places.

But what exactly defines a demo JAC model? Imagine a pristine JAC, equipped with all the desired features and boasting minimal mileage. These exceptional vehicles have served as showroom displays, allowing potential buyers to appreciate their quality firsthand. Now, the opportunity to own one is yours, with significant savings compared to a brand-new purchase.

As a leading Chinese automaker, JAC has garnered international acclaim for its dedication to innovation and value. Each JAC demo bakkie seamlessly blends contemporary design with advanced technology and safety measures aimed to keep you secure while offering a seamless driving experience from start to finish.

JAC T6 Demo Models

Demo models of the JAC T6 1.9 TDI Double Comfort Cab, the 2.0 VVT Petrol Lux Double Cab, and the 2.8 Euro 2 Double Cab offer exceptional value. Drivers and passengers enjoy a safe drive, with industry-leading features like dual airbags, ABS, EBD, and 319 mm diameter brake discs for reduced heat escalation and better braking. Not to mention child safety locks, speed-sensing automatic door locking, a rear parking sensor, and a roll bar.

JAC T8 Demo Models

Demo models of the 2024 JAC T8 range include the 2.0L CTI 4×2 Super Lux and the 2.0L CTI 4×4 Super Lux while the previous 2022 demo model range is typically also available with a 1.9L TDi engine. This is a hard-working bakkie. The JAC T8 payload is 900 kg with the double-skinned load-box measuring 1 520mm × 1 520mm × 470mm. It also has a maximum braked towing capacity of 2,000 kg.

JAC X200 Demo Models

The 2024 JAC X200 Single Cab 1.5 Ton Chassis Cab demo range includes a version with A/C, as well as one with a dropside. The 2024 JAC X200 Double Cab 1.3 Ton Chassis Cab also comes in a version with a dropside. All of these models boast fuel economy is quite impressive for the size of the vehicle, especially compared to the competition. Not to mention a new truck steering system that makes it easier to handle most types of loads on South Africa’s often challenging roads.

JAC Trucks Demo Models

The JAC trucks range is becoming increasingly popular with 3 000 000+ units sold around the globe. Considering its manoeuvrability, reliability, excellent fuel consumption, and low running cost, it’s no surprise that more logistics operators are turning to JAC for affordable urban transport solutions. This includes 2024 demo models of the JAC N56 3-Ton Truck, both chassis-cab and dropside, as well as the 2024 JAC N90 6-Ton Truck Chassis-Cab.

Get In Touch To Learn More About JAC Demo Vehicles Available At Group1

Intrigued? We encourage you to explore our range of JAC demo vehicles online or visit your nearest Group1 dealership. Our knowledgeable team is eager to assist you in selecting the perfect vehicle and provide a comprehensive test drive experience. Remember, JAC demo models offer exceptional value and attract considerable interest, so prompt action is key.

Embrace the opportunity to own a premium JAC bakkie at a remarkably attractive price. Visit Group1 JAC today and discover the intelligent choice in automotive acquisition.